Catis products are unique, inimitable, original, a universal symbol of quality. The main categories are: Standard Siphons, Standard Buttons, Floats, Monoblock.

Unique, inimitable, original.

Catis products are a universal symbol of quality.

The Catis pneumatic button and the Venturi Standard siphon are among the most imitated and counterfeited products in the bathroom furniture sector, but with poor results. Simply because we are a company that guided by tenacity, know-how and continuous innovation produces high quality and durability products. Catis is a universal symbol of quality. You cannot copy the passion, dedication, technology and competence that we put into every single product. Beware of imitations.


The most imitated Made in Italiy bathroom drain on the market, the best in terms of materials and performance. The system is made with a cast iron body and high quality brass, rubber and plastic details that make it durable over time. Designed by Giuseppe Campiglia who uses the notions of physics, applying the Venturi effect to the siphon.

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The icon of bathroom furniture for more than 60 years, the Catis button provides high standards in terms of quality, practicality, durability and reliability. Designed by Giuseppe Campiglia, the button can discharge up to a distance of 15 meters. Operation is mechanical pneumatic.

They are used for the pneumatic control installed on tall boxes and on built-in boxes. They are also available in the treadable version.

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Another example of Catis manufacturing quality, the sphere is, like all Catis production, made with high quality materials, which guarantee durability over time.

The Catis sphere is made with high quality plastic material and produced with a low density blow molding. It accompanies the float in its ascent and descent operation.

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The float has always been a Catis must. Item used for regulating and rationalizing the water level, it is produced in various sizes with the highest quality materials and entirely nickel-plated, the operating system is ultra-quiet./span>

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Innovation and comfort are the characteristics that concern this unloading system, manual, practical and functional. The system must be applied directly on the ceramic, creating a unique design between the drain and the seat. Hence the name deriving from Monoblocco. Produced with high quality quality materials.

System designed for universal application on monobloc and non-monobloc productions, on backpack boxes of different heights, shapes, sizes and technologies.

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