Universal flushing system for monoblock cistern


Article made with high quality materials such as plastic and nickel-plated brass. The mechanism can be applied universally to monoblock cistern. Pressing the button activates the mechanism that allows the lifting of the rod with valve and therefore a correct flushing.

Made for universal application on backpack shaped cistern of different heights, shapes, sizes and technologies. The backpack shaped cistern design sometimes does not allow the lid hole to coax with the drain. The backpack shaped cistern with the pull which can be decentralized up to a radius of 55 mm maintains this feature which guarantees perfect operation. Article produced exclusively in Italy and made with high quality materials.

Technical features:
  • Easy to install

  • Base union in shockproof polystyrene, outlet diameter 50 mm.

  • Screen-printed white polystyrene tubes

  • Pull and boss in chromed ABS

  • Adjustable in height from mm.32 to mm.70

  • Backpack shaped cistern with pull which can be decentralized up to a radius of 55 mm

  • E5000 – Monoblock rocker kit

  • E5001 – Monoblock rod / valve kit

  • E5002 – Monoblock closing valve kit

  • E5003 – Pull / stud kit for chromed monoblock

  • E5004 – Pull / stud kit for golden monoblock

  • E5005 – Key kit + monoblock gasket

  • E5006 – Monoblock cistern fixing kit

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